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About MiCax

MiCax CNC routers are developed and manufactured by Shanghai MiCax CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise integrating the advanced technology from Europe, America, Japan. For over 20 years, MiCax team supplies innovative CNC cutting solutions for a multitude of industries and applications ranging from aerospace to special vehicles(tank truck, caravan, bus, Insulation car), rail vehicles to ships and yachts,plastics fabrication (photovoltaic, energy storage, PCB, equipment) to special transformers (insulating parts). MiCax provides support to their global customers using a network of sales, service and process application experts.

MiCax CNC routers mainly process non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, copper, and non-metal material such as engineering plastics, composite materials, insulating materials etc.

MiCax CNC routers’ Table length ranges from 1300mm up to 18000mm or more. Multiple options are available, some custom-make CNC routers can be completed with auto-load and unload system.

MiCax understands customer’s needs for applications, and MiCax’s Mission is to work closely with customers to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

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Application Industries and applied materials

Aerospace, interior decoration of rail vehicles, ships and yachts, special vehicles (RV, oil tank truck, modified vehicle, etc.), automation equipment--machining of aluminum sheet, aluminum honeycomb panel,aluminum veneer, aluminum composite panel;

Anti corrosion equipment, water treatment equipment, filter press equipment, PCB equipment, food machinery, electronics, communication, electrical, aviation, military and other fields--machining of engineering plastic sheet(PP, PVC, PE, PA, reinforced polypropylene plate);

Medical treatment, power transmission and transformation, computer, instruments and apparatuses, communication facilities, automobile, rail transit and new energy--machining of insulating materials;

Aerospace, automotive, chemical, medical, textile and machinery manufacturing--machining of composite materials;


Our Services

To solve customer problems
For service purpose

Equipment delivery
This is the beginning of deep cooperation

Making processing easier

Optimising production processes
to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Solving the problem of staff turnover

Rapid retraining
of technicians for customers in case of staff turnover
so that production is not affected

Solving the problem of insufficient or too many orders from customers

Providing a platform for sharing processing
orders and building a bridge for processing business


Solving the problems of processing quality and efficiency

Guidance to customers on the correct use of tools
and machining processes. Provide low cost tooling solutions.

Solving spindle maintenance problems

Providing customers with a one-stop
convenient spindle repair service

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